Enjoy Special Tactics to Increase Order Bucket Volume with Our Efficient Order Taking Service

The probability of increasing sales volume is elevated if confused customers are handled properly. Customers want to buy but they don’t want to be sold. In this critical situation a proficient order taking agent is required to cross sell and increase the quantity of ordered products. Emenac Call Center Services is providing superior order taking services to allow companies to meet their sales target. Our sublime order taking services meet the expectation level of your customers, get a competitive edge and remove every barrier in the process of purchasing.  

Complete Knowledge of Product/Process

A detailed training is required before answering the calls so that right information is provided to callers without wasting their time. Our edified phone operators are full of confidence and it is reflected in their voice that ultimately develop faith in your brand and build an everlasting relation.

Enjoy Patience and Flexibility

Every customer calls your customer support for different reasons and with different state of mind. Handling excited, furious, confused, angry and interested customers with calm and friendly manner require patience and flexibility to bend according to situation. Our emotionally intelligent phone operators handle every situation in a way to satisfy customers.

Create Empathy to Resolve Every Concern

Customer loyalty completely depends upon how good the company is successful in building healthy relationship with clients. This connection is only developed when you understand your customer’s point view and resolve the query. With this mind set our telephone operators picks up every call and gratify their grievance.

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Outsource Order Taking Services

Taking orders is delicately sensitive matter where the company can permanently lose customer or they can make a lifelong loyal client. Preventing the customers from quietly leaving and never return, a smart salesman can create comfort and trust by eliminating the confusions, doubts and suspicion while taking orders so that customer express their problem to get them resolved. An order taking expert who is flexible, friendly and the one at whom customers can trust is required to elevate the shopping excitement, built loyalty with the brand, and differentiate your brand from other competitors. Emenac Call Center Services is offering dependable order taking facility to let companies focus on marketing, finance and management where else our motivated agents are here to take order on your behalf. We follow specific protocols to ensure the order is taken without any confusion or misunderstanding and immediately forward it to specific department. Our agents are quick leaner and focused to achieve the sales target and retain customers. Our professional order taking services helps to retain customers and these happy customers speak and spread good words about your business by telling their family and friends about enjoyable buying experience with your company.

The spine bone of any business is sales orders. Every company appoints their most energetic, confident and professional employee to make sure no potential customer is lost while in the process of order placement. Emenac Call Center Services is giving our agents regular and special training and workshop to ensure they provide exceptional order taking services to our customers. Our trained agents are pleasant, welcoming, show presence and patronage and have the ability to handle confused customers. Our qualified and experienced agents make your customers feel helpful by giving them value and respect rather than feel pushy. The stringent training process to our order taking experts is enabling them to use latest technology to deliver uninterrupted services of same standard. By having complete knowledge about your business, product list and their uses, we are providing celebratory suggestions, appetizing lower-prices recommendation that appear to fit customer budget and supplying detailed information about products whole taking orders on your behalf. We are providing exceptional opportunity to remain open during off hours because of our peculiar 24/7 order taking services that help you to rise above the competition.

Emenac Call Center Services is facilitating the small, medium, and large enterprises by providing an opportunity to outsource customer contact services to us. We have developed a systematized training procedure to educate our agents about your company and products. Our agents are well-versed in their product, including its features, functions, and applications to provide full and right information to your customers and make sure he places his order. The competitiveness, networking ability, confidence, enthusiasm and resilience of our order taking agents are giving companies a rocket boost to their sales along with enlarging satisfied customer base, retain maximum customers, get edge over competitors, enhance customer buying experience and make your customers feel valued and given respect. We provide order taking facility and convey these demands to the specific department within no time. Escorting the decided SOPs, producing required documents, actively listening, observing the non-verbal cues and following open door policy give our customer the guarantee that there will not be any mistake in taking sales order and forward them to specific department. Enjoy the most professional yet very much affordable order taking service to create a strong relationship with your customer hence they keep coming back for more purchases.

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E call center services is the best contact center service provider in the USA— and our happy customer reviewed our services.

Great ExperienceI am absolutely amazed by how well young agents are able to handle my business calls and taking my business to a whole new level of sales. I am very much satisfied with the top notch services they provided me and look forward to doing business with them in the future. All their agents are doing exceptional work and really committed to serve the customers at their best.
John Doe

Enable Better Customer Experiences with Us


every callers’ details with well sorted data. We keep records of every caller ensuring security and maintenance.

Our 100% US-based agents are locals with thick American accent that is very easy for your callers to understand.

Generating leads by cold calling and answering calls to gratify the grievance. We offer one stop solution to all needs.

Our latest technology, modern handsets and experience to control pitch of voice ensure crystal clear sound.

To ensure satisfaction and non-stop operations our trained and skillful live agents are available 24/7/365.

To keep up-to-date with new techniques and policy update, we provide regular training to our telephone agents.

We keep record of every caller and every data. This data collection is available only to you to access and evaluate.

To ensure full energy is pumped from all sides, our live chat, social media, and answering service teams work in coordination.

Customized Answering Service empowers you to enjoy our services tailored to capture your individual necessities.

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