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Online portal/Mobile App
• Dedicated phone Number
• Real Time Call Summaries
• Call Transfer
• Online Reporting

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Bilingual Agents
• Good Reputation
• Minimal Hold Time
• Dedicated Account Manager
• Dedicated Quality Assurance Manager

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Flexible Pricing
• Appointment Setting
• Monthly Performance Calls
• Efficient Script Development
• Free Trail

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24/7 Live Phone Answering Servic

Enjoy ultimate freedom with 24/7 live phone answering that confirms clients satisfaction, and incorporate a special feeling of ease to call any time. They are more likely to express the facility of this freedom in friends and family that ultimately increasing the customer base for the company without the need for expensive advertising and marketing.


Business Hour Answering Service

Join us to get up to the mark professional business hour answering service that checks to raise expectations of your business vendors, existing clients and other official callers by providing instant, friendly, reliable and consistent telephone customer support during your office timings.

Overflow Call Handling Service

Take into the possession of top notch standard overflow call handling service that acts as a keeper and handles extra calls that goes above your answering capacity so that your customers feel privileged and experience the valued treatment by getting answered instantly instead being queued.


Urgent Call Handling Services Lift the standard of your business reputation with urgent call handling facility that acts as an angle in an hour of need to instantly answer the emergency calls to fabricate a feeling of being pampered and create an indulged sense of given personal attention at the time of urgency.

Toll Free Answering Services

Facilitate your customer to clear their doubts and ask their queries without paying any charges through superior toll free answering that guarantees creating a company culture that embraces quality and economical service by saving their calling expense.

Emergency Help Desk Support

In an hour of need or in panic situations, the customers want efficient and competent who completely understands the circumstances and promptly guide or act according to it. We are offering sublime help desk services to answer calls in case of emergency.


Rise Above the Competition with Our Professional Answering Services

Every business wants to grow and simultaneously wants their customer to be loyal, increase the amount of spending and frequently buy from your business. They strive to achieve these goals but confront hefty obstacles to communicate with customers. Not responding to their queries, not answering calls at a stroke, misguiding, rude behavior and lengthening the solution by unnecessary wait or call diversion creates anxiety and agitation in customers. To give value to every caller and at the same time not disturbing the main operations of business, the companies are subcontracting to dedicated answering service providers. Among all the onshore and contact center services providers, most companies trust splendid and admirable telephone calls handling facility by Emenac Call Center Services. We have developed fusion of galactic technology and exceedingly professional phone operators to answer instantly every call in a dogmatic manner to boost company’s reputation and maintain customers’ loyalty towards your business. We are facilitating multinational companies as well as small business to become part of those 84% organization who claim to experience burgeon revenue with our professional answering services. By nurturing healthy relationship with customer, instantly resolving their issue in one call, improving credibility and exalting the trust, we are developing a positive customer experience through our tremendous answering services to help you gain 69% more chances of being recommended by customers. Regular training, perpetual monitoring, the entire time recording, the whole nine yards reporting makes our telephone operators more focused, determent and motivated to resolve customer’s every problem and make your company to rise above the competition.

Explore, Experience And Execute Professional Answering Services

Customers always want to be looked after and taken care of their concern. They want to be given value and respectfully attended whenever they call for any kind of inquiry. Managing it over the phone call becomes even more complex to gratify their concern. For this reason, a dedicated, trained and competent phone operator is required to build a strong personal relation with the help of its flexible, professional and friendly communication skills that make customers satisfied and been given value. Therefore, Emenac Call Center Services offers preeminent answering service to enhance the experience of callers with fulfilling their every requirement in an adaptive manner to meet the high expectations of your customers. Obtain the optimum standard and high quality of our phone answering service making sure that every call is abruptly answered and a positive image is developed about the company. We have a team of very experienced calls handing staff to provide telephone answering service guaranteeing a gain in competitive advantage in the industry with an exemplary customer support service. We have cool minded, well-informed and trained customer support agents to answer phone calls and resolve customer’s every concern like order delivery status, travel dates confirmation, resolving server issues, reserve appointments for doctors and receive food delivery orders to rise and meet the expectation level of your customers so that a good relationship is maintained. These satisfied customers who feel themselves privileged are more likely to speak positive about your business and review or rate high to your company. To enjoy a larger customer base with exhaustive satisfaction, our competent answering service providers are always available to respond to your phone calls, resolve the issue in professional manner and boost your business.

Enjoy Executive, Reliable and Flexible Answering Services by Emenac Call Center Services

Emenac Call Center Services is the most trusted contact center in the United States to provide customer centric answering service that give rise to the professional image of your brand. We have teams of professional and trained telephone operators to provide dedicatedly inbound call center services by answering all your calls on your behalf and manage your relationship with your customer in appreciable manner. The emotionally intelligent, good listening skill, multitasking and patience are the core capabilities that make our phone answering service an exemplary one and give your company a profound advantage to enjoy word of mouth marketing. To answer every call with confidence and provide right information to the caller, we train and educate our operators about individual campaigns to build trust and affection with your customers. Our answering services are cost effective, without interruption, flexible and technology integrated to create new avenues for business with promptly answering every call like an opportunity. Our trained phone call operators are fully focused to remove communication barriers, minimize cultural misunderstanding, efface time zone confusion and diminish language barriers to supply admirable answering service to every business regardless of the size and nature of business. We facilitate our valued customers at each stage by smoothing the process of beginning answering services, work closely to draft the reporting system, assisting in expanding and contracting in number of seats, providing flexibility to work remotely and directly within CRM and supplying ease to cancel the phone answering service any time. Allow your callers to talk with the experienced and professional agents by outsourcing answering services to Emenac Call Center Services.

Look At What Our Customers Say about Our Services

E call center services is the best contact center service provider in the USA— and our happy customer reviewed our services.

Great ExperienceI am absolutely amazed by how well young agents are able to handle my business calls and taking my business to a whole new level of sales. I am very much satisfied with the top notch services they provided me and look forward to doing business with them in the future. All their agents are doing exceptional work and really committed to serve the customers at their best.
John Doe

Enable Better Customer Experiences with Us


every callers’ details with well sorted data. We keep records of every caller ensuring security and maintenance.

Our 100% US-based agents are locals with thick American accent that is very easy for your callers to understand.

Generating leads by cold calling and answering calls to gratify the grievance. We offer one stop solution to all needs.

Our latest technology, modern handsets and experience to control pitch of voice ensure crystal clear sound.

To ensure satisfaction and non-stop operations our trained and skillful live agents are available 24/7/365.

To keep up-to-date with new techniques and policy update, we provide regular training to our telephone agents.

We keep record of every caller and every data. This data collection is available only to you to access and evaluate.

To ensure full energy is pumped from all sides, our live chat, social media, and answering service teams work in coordination.

Customized Answering Service empowers you to enjoy our services tailored to capture your individual necessities.

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